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2005 Conference

10th International Biennial Meeting
Salvador, Brazil, October 27-29, 2005

More than 440 registrants attended the meeting, arriving from many different countries including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, England, Finland, France, Guatemala, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Palestine, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, and the United States.

The conference was held in association with the Federal University of Bahia. The meeting began on Wednesday, 26 October with a Pre-conference Program moderated by Prof. Wilson Trevisan Júnior (Brazil) entitled "Aesthetics of Periodontal Tissues." The featured speakers were Prof. José Bernardes das Neves (Brazil), Prof. Robert Azzi (France), Prof. Élcio Marcantônio Júnior (Brazil) and Prof. Giovani Zuchelli (Italy). That evening, a Welcome Drink was provided in the exhibition area of the meeting venue, the Bahia Othon Palace Hotel.

The IAP Congress began on 27 October with the overall theme of "Periodontal Therapy: Defining Predictability through Science." IAP President Angela R. C. Pack (New Zealand) and Chair of the Local Organizing Committee Gisela Rapp (Brazil) presented the welcoming remarks.

Session I, Biological and Behavioral Risk Factors, was chaired by IAP President Prof. Angela Pack (NZ) and featured three presentations. Prof. Uros Skaleric (Slovenia) spoke on “Periodontal wound size and host response” and Prof. Rutger Persson (Switzerland) discussed "Periodontal risk factors." Dr. Patricia Curry, (Brazil) who substituted for the planned speaker, Prof. Marjorie Jeffcoat (USA) who could not depart the USA for Brazil due to weather-related airport closures in the USA presented the Keynote Address entitled "Osteopenia and Osteoporosis: Effects on periodontal therapy and implant success."

Following a lunch and visits to the exhibits and poster presentations, Session II, entitled "Controversies in Periodontics," began under the moderation of IAP Journal Editor Prof. Mark R. Patters (USA). Prof. Isao Ishikawa (Japan) presented "Innovations in lasers" and Prof. Magda Feres discussed "Control of periodontal infections - clinical and microbiological evidence." Following a coffee break, Prof. Denis Kinane (USA) spoke on "Full mouth disinfection," while Prof. Roberto Lotufo presented a talk entitled "Clinical application of local antimicrobials." Prof. Lotufo presented his paper in Portuguese, which caused the many Brazilians in attendance to remove their headphones while the remaining non-Portuguese speakers had to don their headphones to listen to the simultaneous translation.

That evening, the Local Organizing Committee sponsored an Opening Cocktail "forró" at the swimming pool area of the Bahia Othon Palace Hotel.

Session III entitled "Advances in Implant Dentistry" began on Friday morning, 28 October and was chaired by IAP Vice President Prof. Daniel Etienne (France) and featured presentations by Prof. Hamilton Bellini (Brazil) speaking on "Periodontal treatment or implant placement: a growing planning dilemma," Prof. Vincent Iacono (USA) spoke on "Oral plastic surgery for implants." Following a coffee break, Prof. Robert Azzi (France) presented "Papilla reconstruction between teeth and implants: A multidisciplinary approach" and Prof. Niklaus Lang finished the morning with a talk on "Etiology, pathogenesis and therapy of peri-implantitis."

That afternoon, speakers and members of the IAP Board and their families were invited by the Local Organizing Committee to visit the “old town” of Salvador, known locally as the "Pelourinho." The tour was most interesting, showing colorful colonial buildings, cobblestone streets and a sense of history, as this was the old slave auction location in the days when slavery was common.In the evening, a "Tropical" dinner was held where the attendees of the Congress were entertained by the folk group "Interart" and the Latin band "Rumbahiana." Following the meal but before the entertainment, IAP President Angela R. C. Pack presented an engraved silver tray to Elizabeth Reilly on the occasion of her retirement as Executive Manager of IAP. Additionally, she present a cheque to Dr. Ajay Kakar from the IAP Board in recognition of his work on the Congress web site a certificate of appreciation to Professor Hubert N. Newman (in absentia) in recognition of his many years of support and his contributions to IAP and to Prof. Gisela Rapp on behalf of her efforts as Chair of the Local Organizing Committee.

Poster Winners

Sunstar Butler Travel Awards

  • Pires, JR (Brazil): The effect of periodontitis on gingival myeloperoxidase levels and alveolar bone loss in rats diabetics

  • Luís Otávio de Miranda Cota (Brazil): Association between maternal periodontal disease and pregnancy adverse outcomes

  • Sérgio Luís Scombatti Souza (Brazil): Use of acellular dermal matrix allograft in the elimination of gingival melanin pigmentation. A comparative clinical study with 12 months of follow-up

  • C. Sarmento (Brazil): The Application of Human Cord Blood Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Bone Regeneration in a Rat Tibia Defect Model

  • Jamil A. Shibli (Brazil): Detection of periodontal pathogens and levels of matrix metallo­proteinase-8 (MMP-8) in peri-implant diseases

  • A. Beklen (Turkey/Finland): Activation of Matrix Metalloproteinase -3, -8 and -9 in Adult Periodontitis

  • G. Wimmer (Austria): Atherosclerosis and Periodontal Disease: Does Periodontitis cause Endothelial Dysfunction

IAP Poster Winners

  • Basic Science
    • Daisuke Ekuni (Japan ) 1st Place: High cholesterol diet induces alveolar bone loss via RANKL expression in rat

    • Paula R Moreira (Brazil) 2nd Place: IL-6 gene polymorphism and phenotypic expression are associated with severity of periodontal disease in a sample of Brazilian individuals

  • Clinical Science
    • Marcelo Faveri (Brazil): Chemical and mechanical plaque control in association of scaling and root planing in the treatment of chronic periodontitis - clinical and microbiological results

    • Leonardo Trombelli (Italy): Plaque-induced gingivitis in aggressive periodontitis subjectsnd microbiological results


None of this would have been possible without the support of our major sponsors, Colgate, Philips and Pfizer. We acknowl­edge and appre­ciate the support of Sunstar/Butler, GC, Morita, Shofu Inc, YDM Corporation, Especialazacao Em Implantodontia, Dentoflex, ABCD, Sociedade Brasileira de Periodontologia, Bahiatursa, Salvador da Bahia Convention Bureau, Brasil Um Pais de Todos, Embratur, Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado da BahiaGoverno da Bahia – Secretaria de Ciência, Technologia e Inovação, Varig Brasil, CAPES, Sunstar/Butler, Indusbello, Atelier das Flores and MagadeLuna.

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