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2001 Conference

8th International Biennial Meeting
Auckland, New Zealand, October 27-29, 2001

Despite international concerns regarding air travel, 280+ registrants attended the meeting, arriving from many countries including Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Chinese Taipei, Israel, Canada, Iran, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and India, among others. The conference was held in conjunction with the 50th anniversary meeting of the New Zealand Society of Periodontology (NZSP). The meeting began on Saturday, October 27 under the auspices of the NZSP, with a full-day presentation entitled “State of the Art Periodontics for Your Practice,” presented by Dr. Nabil F. Bissada, Professor and Chair of Periodontology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. That evening, the New Zealand Society of Periodontology held its 50th Anniversary Banquet at the Stamford Plaza Hotel. During the cocktail reception preceding the banquet, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mrs. Helen Clark, addressed those in attendance. She expressed her gratitude that the IAP selected New Zealand as the venue for its international meeting, and provided information as to dentistry’s role in the health care of the people of New Zealand. Dr Chris Waalkens, president of the NZSP welcomed everyone to the NZSP’s 50th anniversary celebration dinner.

Dr John Twaddle from New Zealand entertained the dinner attendees with a series of highly entertaining poems. Dr Newton Wickham, a founding member of the NZSP also spoke and presented an award to Dr. Angela Pack (IAP Vice President) for her contribution to periodontology in New Zealand and for her support of the NZSP.

The IAP meeting began on 28 October with the overall theme of “Periodontal Bioengineering and Medicine: A New Paradigm for the 21st Century.” Incoming IAP President Uros Skaleric (Slovenia) and President of the Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology Isao Ishikawa (Japan) presented the welcoming remarks. Dr. Gordon Douglass (USA), President-Elect of the American Academy of Periodontology, presented the Keynote Address entitled “Prognosis for Periodontics in a Smaller World.

Session I, Periodontal Bioengineering and Biomimetics, was chaired by Dr. Mark Bartold (Australia) and featured three presentations. Dr. Steven Garrett (USA) spoke on “Regenerative Therapy – New Options for Keeping Teeth,” Dr. Hidemi Kurihara (Japan) presented "Potential of Malassez Epithelial Cells in Periodontal Regeneration," and Dr. Mark Bartold (Australia) gave a talk entitled "Tissue Engineering for the Periodontium – a cell and molecular biology approach to periodontal regeneration."

Session II, entitled "Pathogenesis and Systemic Interrelationships of Periodontal Disease," began under the chairmanship of Dr. Mark R. Patters (USA). Papers presented at this session included "Virulence vs. Host Factors in the Pathogenesis of Periodontal Diseases" by Dr. Thomas Van Dyke (USA), "Periodontal Disease and Interrelated Systemic Diseases: The Link with Serum Lipid/Triglyceride Levels" by Dr. Christopher W. Cutler (USA), and "Periodontitis as a Risk factor for Cardiovascular Disease and Pre-Term Low Birth Weight Infants," by Dr. David Paquette (USA).

Session III, entitled "Periodontal Education" was chaired by Dr. Gordon Douglass (USA) and featured a presentation by Dr. Angela Pack (New Zealand) entitled "Periodontal Education in the New Millennium: Are we laying the right foundation?" That evening, the attendees were guests at a dinner symposium sponsored by OraPharma where recent research into the efficacy of the locally-applied antibiotic Arestin in the management of periodontitis was presented by several speakers.

Day 2 began with the Honorable Address presented by Professor Isao Ishikawa (Japan) on "Laser Applications in Periodontology." Session IV followed, and was chaired by Dr. Ray C. Williams (USA) and Dr. Yoji Murayama (Japan). Entitled "Periodontal Disease Classification, Diagnostics and Therapy," the session feature talks by Dr. Mark Patters (USA) entitled "Periodontal Disease: The New Classification," Dr. Takashi Miyata (Japan) entitled "The New Concept of the Relationship between Periodontology and Implantology," Dr. Ray Williams (USA) entitled "Surgery and Medicine Join Forces for the Management of Periodontal Disease: A New Era in Periodontics," and Dr. Peter Molan (New Zealand) and Dr. Helen English (New Zealand) entitled "The Potential of Honey for the Treatment and Prevention of Periodontal Disease." A lunch and visits to the exhibits and poster presentations followed these papers.

Session V, chaired by Daniel Etienne (France), featured 3 presentations addressing the theme of "Periodontal Plastic Surgery and Dental Implants in the Aesthetic Zone." Dr. Maurizio Tonetti (UK) presented "Implants and Aesthetics in the Periodontal Patient," Dr. Hiroshi Okamoto (Japan) presented "Clinical Evaluation of Periodontal Prosthesis Applied Abutments for Transplanted Roots Obtained from Hemisected, Furcation-Involved Teeth," and Daniel Etienne (France) presented "Plastic Surgery Around Teeth and Implants: Prevention and Treatment of Gingival Recession." A panel discussion featuring the chairs of the previous sessions (Drs. Bartold, Patters, Douglass, Williams and Etienne) moderated by Dr. Thomas Van Dyke (USA) followed these presentations.

Thereafter, Dr. Van Dyke, acting on behalf of IAP President Dr. Hubert Newman, formally turned the presidency over to Dr. Uros Skaleric of Slovenia. Dr. Skaleric spoke briefly, thanking the sponsors and the organizing committee who were directly responsible for the success of the meeting.

The IAP Farewell Banquet was held that evening at the recently opened Hilton Hotel built on the Auckland wharf. Following a cocktail reception, a Maori concert group entertained the attendees by demonstrating traditional dances and songs. The Maoris called to the stage several IAP dignitaries, namely Drs. Uros Skaleric (President), Thomas Van Dyke (Past President), Chris Waalkens (NZSP President), Angela Pack (Vice President), Ray Williams (Board of Directors) and Yoji Murayama (Board of Directors) for dance instructions.

Following the dinner, Dr. Chris Waalkens (President of NZSP and Chair of the Local Organizing Committee) thanked the registrants, speakers, the members of the local organising committee and sponsors on behalf of the New Zealand Society of Periodontology. IAP President, Dr. Uros Skaleric, thanked the attendees and sponsors and invited all the participants to attend the 9th IAP Bienniel Meeting, to be held in Capetown, South Africa in October 2003.


All of this would not have been possible without the support, especially from our major sponsors Procter and Gamble, OraPharma, Colgate Palmolive and Shofu Inc. We also acknowledge and thank Braun-Oral-B, Butler, GC, Morita, Henry Schein Regional, The Essential Dental Company, Wrigley Dental Programmes and YDM Corporation for their support.

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