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IAP Affiliate Program

Affiliate ProgramIAP Affiliate Program: The Affiliate member program is an initiative of the International Academy of Periodontology (IAP) to encourage and enable dental associations from around the world to provide a mechanism for their members to benefit from the broad expertise of the IAP. A dental association that fulfills the qualifications established by the IAP can join the IAP as an affiliate member with annual dues of US$750.00. This membership would make all fully paid up members of the dental association affiliate members of the IAP and they would be eligible for all the benefits of an affiliate member. The affiliate membership is valid for a calendar year and must be renewed annually by the dental society.

The dental organization must send a letter of intent with all the necessary documents to provide confirmation of their official status. This letter of intent should be signed by the President and the Secretary of the said organization. Once this letter carrying all details of the organization and supporting documents have been submitted to the IAP office, the application will be reviewed by the IAP Board. After approval a communication will be sent to the organization by the IAP office and a contract will be signed and the affiliation confirmed on payment of the requisite fees of US $ 750.


  • The organization should be an organization of qualified and state approved dental professionals.
  • The organization should be in existence for a minimum period of at least 5 years.
  • The organization should have a minimum of 100 members and not more than 2500 members.>
  • The organization should have elected office bearers comprising, at a minimum, a President, Secretary and a Treasurer.
  • The organization should have a constitution or similar document.


  • All members in good standing of the affiliate organization will become affiliate members of the IAP.
  • All members in good standing of the affiliate organization will receive a membership certificate with the validity period of one year.
  • All members in good standing of the affiliate organization are eligible for all discounts towards registration fees as regular members of the IAP in all IAP biennial meetings as well as regional meetings.
  • All members in good standing of the affiliate organization will receive a password and thus access the online articles of the Journal of the IAP.
  • All members in good standing of the affiliate organization will be listed on the IAP website in the “Search a Dentist” option based on geographical city / country subdivisions.
  • The affiliate organization will be able to nominate a speaker from its members for a presentation in the “Affiliate Members Session” during the IAP biennial meeting.
  • The IAP would provide a speaker of international repute for the annual meeting of the Affiliate organization without any honorarium. The affiliate organization would have to make the provision for travel and stay expenses.
  • The affiliate organization will have an option to have a Regional IAP meeting between the years of the biennial IAP meeting. The IAP will provide scientific support for this meeting. Other logistic details of a Regional meet can be obtained from the IAP office.

Documents to be Submitted

  • A letter of intent requesting affiliation with the IAP.
  • A copy of the constitution (or similar document) of the organization.
  • A copy of the brochure/handout of the last held conference/meeting of the organization.
  • Details of the membership categories for the organization.
  • Statistical information on the number of members in the various categories for the organization.
  • A copy of the last financial statement (Balance Sheet ) of the organization.
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