IAP Membership Info
Membership entitles the individual to receive the quarterly Journal of International Academy of Periodontology, and attend IAP Congresses at a discounted rate. The IAP has recently been recognized as the official “Periodontal arm” of the Federation Dentaire Internationale (FDI) and collaborates with the FDI to speakers for Continuing Education courses, particularly in developing regions of the world.
The following membership categories are available:
Active ($60.00 USD) - for any dentist who is registered with a specialist postgraduate qualification in Periodontology.
Associate ($60.00 USD) - for any dentist who is not qualified for Active membership, and any person who is certified to practice dental hygiene, or perform duties relevant to the practice of periodontics.
Student ($30.00 USD) - for dental school graduates who are presently in postgraduate training in periodontology.
National Societies ($250.00 USD) - for National Societies.
Educational Organizations ($150.00 USD) - for Educational Organizations.
Corporate ($1500.00 USD) - for Corporate Organizations.